Office of the 注册商

Office of the 注册商 目的

The Office of the 注册商 compiles, 维护, retrieves and disseminates accurate academic records for the current and previous University populations; ensures that registration procedures are administered within the University; ensures that governmental and accreditation compliance standards are met, and applies graduation requirements according to published regulations. All transactions are confidential. Services provided by the Office of the 注册商 are delivered equitably. 工作人员遵循美国大学注册和招生官员协会(AACRAO)制定的专业和道德标准和政策。.

Where to find 我们的办公室

Cravath Hall Suite 111

Interim University 注册商

Temporary Registration Coordinator: Course Offering, Graduation and Class schedule Maintenance, Cross-Registration, University Withdrawal
Faith Wilson

Veteran Affairs Service Advisor and School Certifying Official(SCO)
Kaneeah Jones

Current Student Resources

澳门皇冠赌场平台的学生应定期和连续出席所有的讲座, 实验室, and seminar courses for which they have registered and are enrolled during a semester.  Class attendance is an essential part of the student’s intellectual development, 成功, retention and timely graduation .  The specific attendance policy for each course is stated on the course syllabus, which is distributed in each class during the first week of the semester.  它是, 因此, 每个学生都有责任了解其所在班级的每位老师的出勤政策. 不遵守规定的出勤政策无疑会危及课程的成绩.

除了, 第四章联邦指导方针要求接受联邦援助的机构定期核实学生的出勤率,以确保所有授予的联邦援助资金都用于教育目的.

Policy Statement

出席 in class is strictly required by University policy. In each course, 因无故缺课而缺课超过10%(包括实验)的学生将有挂科的危险.  For a class that meets three times per week, the number of unexcused absences is five class sessions; for a class that meets twice a week, three class sessions; and for a class that meets once per week, two class sessions. More strenuous requirements can be applicable, as stated by individual instructors, in their respective course syllabi.  它是 the student’s responsibility to understand each instructor’s requirements. The University administration, consistent with this policy, does not generally issue excuses from class.

Definition of Terms

(1)出勤率在本政策声明中定义为学生在整个预定课堂时间内的实际存在(远程教育课程的参与).  Tardiness can be considered an unexcused absence. (2) Unexcused absences are all absences that have not been approved by a certified physician/nurse, the instructor in charge of the course, and/or the provost or his/her designee.


The Fisk 出席 Policy is applicable to all registered students.  个别教师可以选择使政策更严格,但在任何情况下都不应比上述大学政策更宽松.  Occasionally, students may miss class due to an emergency (health, accident, etc.) or, other compelling circumstances beyond their control. Such students must justify, with appropriate documentation, unplanned absences no later than 48 hours upon return to the campus. 除了, 在某些情况下,学生可能会因参加学校批准的活动(如体育比赛)而缺课, academic competitions, concerts or conference presentations. In such cases, 学生必须在开课前通知他们的老师,他们将会缺课并补课. 在所有情况下, the Provost may, at his/her discretion, issue a memorandum to faculty members to permit students to make up missed work. In such cases, 教师可以在学生和教师双方都方便的时间安排合理和相关的补课工作.  Such memoranda however, 不构成旷课的借口,学生在任何特定课程中都要保持绝对最高百分之十(10%)的缺勤率.


百分之十(10%)缺勤率政策的例外情况只能由教务长与课程讲师协商后做出.  只有当学生在课程中表现出高水平的能力时,才会考虑例外情况, and when the reasons for excessive absences (e.g., hospitalization, family emergency, etc.)是这样的,学生显然不可能参加规定的90%(90%)的班会.

An enrollment and/or degree certification is an official document that confirms attendance, awarded degrees, current and past enrollment, expected graduation date, academic standing, cumulative GPA, and other parts of a student academic record. 官方证书打印在印有大学印章和注册主任签名的防伪纸上.

Students may need certification of enrollment to defer student loans, to prove enrollment for their health insurance, 为潜在雇主核实学位或证明在另一所机构注册的学术地位.  All requests for certification must be submitted in writing to the Office of the 注册商.  Certification of directory information may be released without the student's written authorization.  Fisk University defines directory information as local and permanent addresses, dates of attendance, enrollment status, school and major field of study, classification, earned degrees, expected degree date, and similar information.  If a student has chosen to restrict his or her directory information, a written release from the student is required in order to process the request.

某些机密信息只有在学生书面授权和签名的情况下才能发布, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. 看到 FERPA.

How to order an official verification:

A request for verification must include the following information.

  • The date of the request
  • Student's full name as it appears on University records
  • Student's Fisk ID number and date of birth.
  • The type of information you are requesting to be printed on the verification
  • The purpose behind your request
  • The name and address to whom it should be mailed/faxed
  • Student's signature, if non-directory information is requested
  • Postal address of requesting party, email address and daytime phone
  • Any special instructions
  • Any forms to be attached
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The course grading system at Fisk is as follows:

  • The grade of "A" indicates work of high quality.
  • The grade of “B” indicates very good work.
  • The grade of “C” indicates acceptable work.
  • The grade of “D” indicates work at a minimal passing level.
  • The grade of "E" indicates a failure to meet the minimum requirements of the course.
  • The grade of "I“表示大量和令人满意的工作已经完成,但由于不可避免的情况,课程无法完成.

Plus and minus grades may be attached to letter grades. Grades awarded with a minus (“-”) indicate achievement at the lower limit for that grade; grades awarded with a plus (“+”) indicate achievement at the upper limit for that grade. 不接受“C-”的成绩来完成专业或辅修的部门要求,或在学生的专业或辅修的同源课程. Grades of "D" do not count toward fulfillment of departmental requirements for the major or the minor, nor are "D" grades acceptable for cognate courses in the student's major or minor. Fisk does not accept "D" or equivalent grades from other institutions in transfer toward a Fisk degree. The grade of “E” is a failing grade, indicating failure to meet the minimum requirements of the course. Under some circumstances, 当学生的作业不完整或学生退课时,给出“E”级. A course for which the grade of "E" is given must be repeated and a higher grade earned, if credit is desired.

绩点 Averages

平均成绩是学生在菲斯克注册的每个学期计算的,也是学生整个本科生涯的累积平均成绩. The grade point average (GPA) is important for several reasons. First, a minimum 2.0 GPA is a graduation requirement at the undergraduate level. There are GPA requirements for various academic honors and within the major field in many departments. 和, most crucially, 为了保持令人满意的学业进步并保持在菲斯克的良好地位,需要最低GPA成绩水平, with eligibility for financial aid. 学生的平均成绩是通过学生成绩单上菲斯克课程的分数来计算的. The number of quality points assigned to specific grades for each credit hour of work is as follows:


Letter Grade 绩点
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D 1.0
E 0.0
F 0.0 /失败
W 0.0/Withdrawn (Individual Course)
WD 0.0/Withdrawn (所有的课程)
WF 0.0/Withdrawn Failing
WP 0.0/Withdrawn 通过
WA 0.0/Withdrawn Administratively
AU 审计
T 转移
P 通过
I 不完整的

平均绩点是通过将获得的总质量分数除以尝试的总学时数得出的, excluding from the latter total any hours for which grades of "P," "F," "I," or "WD have been recorded. When students repeat courses, only the last grade received is considered in determining grade point average. 不同院校的标准和做法各不相同:菲斯克的平均绩点只反映在澳门皇冠赌场平台完成的课程. 转移 coursework is not considered.

Acceptable standards of scholarship for Fisk undergraduates require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 ("C") or better. Satisfactory academic progress toward the required 2.在菲斯克的整个学生职业生涯中,必须保持0 GPA和学士学位要求的最低120个学时. The University recognizes that student performance may be affected by adverse personal circumstances. In some instances, 学生可能希望考虑休假或退学,并与他们的学院学术顾问进行适当的咨询.  看到 University Bulletin for information on Satisfactory Academic Standing.


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